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ūüĎČTake a break and¬†CHALLENGE your family¬†with¬†this Game

SlingPuck Game is the brand NEW game featured all over social media you will love!

All sports are canceled...

So it's time to bring back
the HEAT to YOUR living room, show them who is the 
King of Quarantine!

We are bringing back the joy to Board Games giving you an interactive alternative to Digital Entertainment. Fast Sling Puck is a heart-pounding, action-packed game that has you racing your opponent to pass all the pucks through the center gate to the opposite side!

Sling Puck Table Hockey Game

The rapid-shot gameplay makes Fastest  Finger Board Game a hit at birthday parties, game nights, camping trips, and during this quarantine time, so the whole family can unplug and enjoy hours of fun.

Fun for kids (4yrs +) and adults ‚Äď easy rules but challenging enough to play with teenagers and adults too. Your family will love Sling Puck Table Hockey Game. One of those rare games that the¬†whole family can enjoy together.¬†It¬†distracts kids from electronic devices¬†and prevents boredom!

Sling Puck Table Hockey Game

How to play: 

The goal is to quickly pass all the chips from one camp into the opposing camp.

The Sling Foosball is played with only one hand and the pucks must be propelled only by using the elastic. Each player begins the game with 5 pucks.

Both players play simultaneously. To start a round, players clap hands and go!

Sling Puck Table Hockey Game

Features of the Fastest Finger Board Game:

  • Funny and exciting game
  • High-quality solid wood frame and pieces
  • Strong, durable, and¬†long-lasting board
  • Lightweight and compact enough to carry
  • Eco-friendly material


  • Fun & Exciting Game -¬†The rapid-shot gameplay makes the Fastest fingerboard game a hit at birthday parties, game nights, camping trips and during this quarantine time, so the whole family can unplug and enjoy hours of fun.¬†
  • Family fun and Easy to use¬†-¬†Fun for kids (4yrs +) and adults¬†- easy rules but challenging enough to play with teenagers and adults too.¬†Your family will love it. One of those rare games that the whole family can enjoy together.
  • Convenient¬†-¬†Lightweight and compact enough to carry.¬†¬†Ready to play either on the table or on the floor
  • Improve focus -¬†This is not only a fun game but improves your child's hand-eye coordination and strengthens fine motor skills.
  • Alternative to Gadgets¬†-¬†Now your kids will say bye-bye to the gadgets with this new version of a board game.
  • Best Gift -¬†This is a high-quality wooden board game, a fast and smart game, a beautiful gift for family and friends


Size:- 18 × 10 INCHES