Electric Mixer For Cake Making & Whipping Cream With 7 Speed

Rs. 999 Rs. 1,999

7-speed Adjustable Handheld Electric Mixer


1. Put the material to be processed into the container, and the eggs need to be removed first.

2. the spiral stir stick of the eggs beater is used to stir the flour, the round head stir stick is used to send the protein, and you need to insert the stirring head you need before use.

3. Determine the number of stages of mixing according to the number of boxes of ingredients to be prepared. The power of level 1 is the lowest, and the level 1-2 of the mixer is suitable for making mixed dry items such as flour and cream; Grade 4 is suitable for liquid materials; Grades 5-7 are suitable for mixing dough for cakes, cookies, and other foods.

4. After selecting the mixing level, you can work on the material.