Electric Fabric Defuzzer

Rs. 999 Rs. 1,999

Youƒ??ll be amazed at?ÿhow easy it is to renew your knitwear. Electric Fabric Defuzzer?ÿgently removes fuzz, lint and pilling?ÿwithout damaging your old garments. Simply glide it over the fabric surface for?ÿsmooth and even results.

The?ÿlarge defuzzer head?ÿand?ÿeasy-grip handle?ÿmakes shaving quick and comfortable. Catch the unwanted matted fibers?ÿfrom sweaters, clothing, furniture and upholstery?ÿin the?ÿdetachable storage box. Cleaning has never been such convenient.


  • Efficient 3-Blade Design?ÿƒ???ÿAdjust to fabric types?ÿto removes fuzz, lint and pilling?ÿquick with minimum effort. No damage will incur to your delicate woollen, linen, cotton, or lycra clothes.
  • Intelligent Safety Lock?ÿƒ?? When the head cover is opened, the blade?ÿwill not rotate even if the switch is turned on?ÿfor the safety reason.
  • Detachable Fuzz Collector?ÿƒ???ÿfor quick and convenient cleaning.
  • Easy-Grip Handle?ÿƒ???ÿfor comfortable, prolonged use.
  • Work on All Types of Fabric?ÿƒ???ÿIncluding sweater, couch, blanket, curtain, socks, legging, wool, cashmere and so on.

Direction to Use

  1. Simply switch the defuzzer on and gently run the shaving head on fabric surface.
  2. After shaving, detach the lint storage box to release the pilling.


  • Material: Stainless Steel+ABS
  • Power Supply: USB Powered
  • Color: Pink
  • Dimensions:

Package Includes

  • Electric Fabric Defuzzer x1
  • User manual x1
  • USB Cable x1
  • Cleaning Brush x1
  • Protective head cover x1